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Introduction and History:

In 2001, TUF Asia officially began its activity as a fully authorized representative of TÜV Rheinland Group and under direct auspices of TÜV-CERT, DAR Germany and International Accredited Authority (IATF).

According to ruling laws of German TÜV Union, TUF Asia was authorized to use the trademark TÜV CERT. In addition, it received certification of Accreditation from Iran Accreditation system (IAS). Benefiting from specialized and experienced personnel, this company provided a high quality and wide range of services throughout Iranian market.


TUF Asia Co. has certified more than 600 Companies working in various fields of activities.

Some of the awarded certificates are:

    • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
    • DIN EN ISO 14001:2004
    • OHSAS 18001:2007
    • ISO/TS 16949:2002
    • Certification of IMS
    • HACCP/ISO 22000:2005
    • Risk Management Rating
    • TÜV Cert. Excellence Audit (TCEA)
    • Project Monitoring
    • Information protection management system compliance   Audit.

Inspection Services

Technical inspection in manufacturing step of Neka Power Station, start-up and development in some lines of Navard Ahwaz (Steel Industry) and various inspections related to Wood industry in the northern part of Iran, are among those activities being performed by this company in Iran.

TÜV Rheinland covers a wide range of inspection services on:

    • Testing and material approval
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Qualification of Inspectors
    • Welding Technology and related inspections
    • Risk Analysis (Tree analysis, check lists of risk assessment)
    • Testing of steam boiler and pressurized reservoirs
    • Safety Tests
    • Pipelines inspection technology
    • Repair and maintenance
    • Packing and pre-shipment inspections
    • Technical testing and inspection of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment


TUF Asia Academy department has held more than 70.000 Public and in-house courses in order to prepare employees and managers of the companies for better performance and working skills:

  • Storage and transportation of hazardous goods
  • Environmental protection management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Quality management
  • Technology and electrical engineering
  • Information technology
  • Logistics, warehousing, transport
  • Health care and administration
  • Hygiene
  • Procurement and materials management
  • Intercultural management and general management
  • Change management
  • Total quality management and Business Excellence Models (EFQM)
  • Six sigma
  • Balanced score card
  • As one of the training leaders in Iran; TUF Asia Co’s Academy department has been accredited by ISIRI Training center (Institute of standard and industrial Research of Iran) and Educational Validation center of The National Iranian Oil Company

 Top Organization Chart:

  • Managing Director
    • Consultants
    • Technical Division
      • Inspection Division
      • Auditing& Certification division
      • costumers supporting Division
    • Marketing Development Division
    • Training Division
    • Administration Division

About TÜV Rheinland Group:

TÜV Rheinland Group is a leading provider of technical services worldwide. Founded in 1872 and headquartered in Cologne, the Group employs 17.000 people in 500 locations in 65 countries. It generates annual revenues of € 1.531 billion. The Group’s mission and guiding principle is to achieve sustained development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges arising from the interaction between man, technology and the environment.


In the year 2012, TÜV Rheinland suspended its activities in Iran Market due to the UN Sanctions. In another word, unfortunately, TÜV Rheinland managers, decided not to continue their activities related to management systems and certification inside Iran.

Some of the activities such as training courses and consulting services were not affected by the sanctions and these services continue by TUF Asia Co.  

But The journey continues…

Although the originators of TUF Asia Co.  have dedicated to set up a unique Certification Body and inspection company services as well, due to restrictions about certification activities inside Iran, they have decided to concentrate more on the testing  and inspection services as third party.

TUF Asia Co. as a unique inspection company will support both buyers and suppliers to the same extent.

This objective is not only our philosophy but also a promise to our clients. Whether they are requesting for vendor inspection, quality control of technology transfer, pre shipment and physical inspection,    inspection during fabrication period and/or verification of conformity, for one single file or big projects – the staff of TUF Asia CO. will be at disposal all around the country for supporting customers with the possibly needed inspection services.

 Company’s Strategy:

TUF Asia Co. believes that:

  • As a third party Independent Inspection Company, we shall play our role as a connection link between buyers and suppliers;
  • Our inspection certificates shall be a guarantee for conformity of ordered products as per customer’s requirements and technical specifications as well as related standards;
  • Inspection services shall be carried out just on time whenever requested and the inspection results must be promptly announced to all parties concerned without any delay.
  • Customers shall be able to follow up all steps of inspection process related to their order at any time;
  • We shall always be ready to provide the customer with required accurate and rapid inspection services anytime anywhere;
  • Customers expect to be served by inspection companies having adequate facilities and skilled professional staff;
  • Our inspection services shall be performed in such manner that never faces any claims. In case of occurrence of such problems, we take the responsibility to follow up the matter, discover the reality and find out a solution
  • Customers need to be informed of the latest import & export rules and regulations in advance, regarding the scope of inspections to be carried out.
  • Customers’ inspection documents must be considered confidential and shall not be revealed to any third party.

Philosophy of TUF Asia CO. has been formed based on knowledge and long lasting experience concerning problems and solutions of inspection activities. Some of the company’s principles noted above can be considered as the objectives, which have influenced and adjusted the framework of the company’s organization for providing the clients with the highest level of services.

Brief Description of organization:

  • Task:

Considering the vast number of projects that are being executed and diversity of the disciplines that are involved in each project, and also the geographical  dispersion of the suppliers, the need to make sure that all the goods are indeed in conformity with the specifications required during the manufacturing and before releasing from customs are among the tasks of TUF Asia Co.

Additionally, along with long-lasting experience and association with manufacturers and their critical assessment, analysis and evaluation, concerning their hits and drawbacks in performance, we strongly believe that our services have to be beneficial  for sellers and manufacturers as final check of prepared goods as well as for the purchasers and consumers in order to assure them about the quality of the product  they are purchasing and its conformity with the local and international standards

  • Staff & Senior Manager:

TUF Asia Co. is proud to represent a combined experience of many years and disciplines of its highly qualified and specialized staff, which are educated in top universities around the world, participated, and gained the inspection experience in diverse fields of industry and well-known manufacturers and companies.

TUF Asia CO. is directed by senior manager with more than 30 years scientific & practical background in inspection activities, quality management, industrial research and standardization.

  • Experts Networks:

Due to the fact that the inspectors network is one of the most influential tools for quality, efficiency and client satisfaction associated to performance of inspection services, TUF Asia CO. has gathered a team of highly specialized local inspectors for various fields such as Metallurgy, Mining, Civil, Chemistry, Mechanics, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation in many industries such as Oil, Gas,  Petro chemistry, Refineries, Material Science, Paper Industries, Computer, Environment, Pharmacy, Railways, Wagons, Road & Construction , Agronomy, Marine Technology, etc., with an experience of minimum 10 years in their own special field. This team includes inspectors who always support to carry out the required inspections in time just as scheduled in strategically important regions

 Companies which have been served by us in Technical Inspection field are listed below:

  • Siemens
  • Sepahan Mobarake Steel
  • Esfahan Steel Company
  • Mapna
  • Mashin Sazi Tasha
  • Nikkala
  • Sepahan Indastrial Group APA
  • Gazsoozan API
  • Sanaat Yaran
  • Iran Tire
  • Kian Tire
  • Pars lent
  • Khodro Andishan Pars
  • Rolling MILL & Steel Production Co.
  • Tide Water
  • TASDID Offshore Development Company
  • Mehran Engineering & Well services Co.
  • United Mehran Safety Kish Company
  • Almansoori Mehran Oilfield Services (AMOS)

Industries that have used our services:

Some of industries divisions mostly have been served by us are:

      • Power Plants
  • Industrial Services
  • Products
  • Mobility
  • Systems
  • Life Care
      • Refineries
      • Petrochemical Plants
      • Automotive
      • Construction
      • Food Industry
      • Agriculture
      • Steel Manufacturing Plants

Products, Systems, Processes and People.

You decide what’s precisely right.

TUF Asia Co. is here to ensure you better conditions,  maximum safety and better performance of the products, people, services, and systems all around Iran.

Start now!

Thank you for your kind attention.



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